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Everyone’s Adventure is a mobile outdoor activity provider.

We create bespoke experiences with a focus on your desired outcomes, participants enjoyment and inspiring people to get outdoors. We take pride in our ability to adapt our sessions to be inclusive to all, because we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to experience a fulfilling adventure. 


The Team


Dan Pritchard

I have always had a love for the outdoors and need for adventure. My passion for adventurous sports soon meant I was exploring mountains, floating down rivers and climbing rock faces on a daily basis. I've been blessed with the opportunity to travel all over New Zealand, Australia, Tasmania and western Europe. Throughout my career in the outdoors I have worked in a variety of outdoor activity centres and schools, so have experience working with a wide range of ages and abilities. This has led me to find a new passion, which is sharing meaningful adventurous experiences with others.

I look forward to sharing one with you. 


Andy Robinson 

In 2011 I started my adventure working in the outdoor industry and have not looked back since. One of my personal highlights is exploring the different ways in which we can interact with our environment. I find it incredibly rewarding to witness the individual and collective achievements of a objective led session. Currently we are pursuing our dream of sharing truly meaningful experiences. I hope you can all join us on one soon.

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