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School Archery Session

Your Archery Session

During this session you will get to try different bows, arrows and shooting styles.


There is a variety of challenges and games for your group to try. 

These sessions can be adapted to suit your groups needs

Group sizes: Maximum 15 participants - 1 instructor. 


Minimum age is 8 years old.  

 Session time can be adapted to fit your needs, however we do recommended 60-90 minutes.

Mobile Archery session

A mobile archery session is delivered at your location, removing the hassle of traveling.

This activity requires a space which is fairly level, free from hazards and is a minimum of 50 metres by 65-75 metres. 

There is a small travel fee of 45p per mile from our base in Bournemouth, but the first 10 miles are free.

How much? - Check out the prices page 

everyones adventure archery range requir

Don't Have The Space? 


If you don't have the space don't worry we have the perfect spot!


Dudsbury Girlguide Camp Ground. 

The picturesque site is located on top of an iron age fort.

(Dudsbury rings)

This site as accessible toilets, parking, and must importantly limited hot drinks!! 

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