Battlefield Live

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Your Battlefield Live Session

Battlefield Live is a digital combat experience, which uses infra-red guns so no projectiles or pain.


You can choose from a variety of guns and games.

Group sizes: Maximum of 30 participants. 

Minimum age is 8 years old.

These sessions can be adapted to suit your groups needs

 Session time can be adapted to fit your needs, however we do recommended one of the following:

60 minutes (2 games) - 90 minutes (3 games) - 2 hours (4 games)

Mobile Battlefield Live session

Battlefield Live requires a grass space roughly 75 metres by 50 metres.

If you have some nature cover like trees and bush great! If you don't we will use our large pop up barriers.

Maximum of 30 participants.

Minimum of 8 participants.

There is a small travel fee of 45p per mile from our base in Bournemouth, but the first 10 miles are free.

How much? - Check out the prices page 


Don't Have The Space? 


If you don't have the space don't worry we have the perfect spot!


Moors Valley Country Park. 

We have created an epic woodland battlefield, fitted with barricades, sneaky pathways, parachute boxes and more!

Moors Valley has everything you need, toilets, café, parking, play trails and us!

We also run open session weekends!!

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